Flag Poles

Indoor Presentation Flagpole & Base
Our wooden flagpole is a two-piece flagpole 2.2m high, with a brass screw-joint in the centre and a brass spear top. They have a varnished finish.
Bases are made from the same wood and brass so perfectly match the flagpole. They are available to hold from one to five flagpoles.
Leather carrying straps can also be supplied with poles

Aluminium 6mtr, 7mtr & 8mtr Slimline Flagpole
These flagpoles are a ground mounted two-piece aluminium flagpole with a white finish and white top. The halyard runs up the outside of the flagpole. The base is sleeve-like and should be cemented into the ground. The flagpole simply slots into the base. All fittings such as top, cleat and halyard are supplied with the pole. The slimline flagpoles are available in a range of heights and can be supplied with a horizontal arm from the top where required to hold out portrait style flags

Angled Wall Mounted Flagpoles - 2mtr & 3mtr
Our 2mtr Wall Mounted Flagpole is aluminium with a white finish and has two adjustable plastic cleats. It is supplied with a white finish metal bracket that once attached to the wall, holds the flagpole out at a 45 degree angle. The 3mtr White Fibreglass Angled Flagpole & Base is supplied with a brass top and the cleat is attached. With these flagpoles, we recommend adding either a brass ring to the bottom flying edge corner of your flag so that the flag can be loosely tied down to prevent it wrapping around the pole. Alternatively we can sew in a extension on the bottom edge of your flag that will also prevent the flag wrapping around the pole.

Indoor Presentation Flagpole & Base
The telescopic carpole is an aluminium pole that extends from 1.8m to 6m in height. It is supplied with a horizontal arm at the top of the pole so that your flag is always clearly visible. There is a two- pronged heavy plastic base that can be positioned under a car wheel.

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