Stand out with a Customised Tablecloth

Display booth decoration at industry events tends to follow a rigorous template. Walk through any event you'll likely find rows and rows of customised backdrops, a flyer-strewn table and, for the particularly adventurous, maybe a few feather banners.

There is nothing strictly wrong with following this template. In fact, it's so ubiquitous it could almost be described as the standard decoration at industry events. However, it is so common that your booth may risk getting lost in the sea of similar stands. A particularly eye-catching logo or charismatic presenters may be able to bring more eyeballs to your booth. Still, you'll always be fighting an uphill battle for attention. Flags Ireland has found that one of the most effective, accessible and inexpensive methods to get attention is investing in a fully customised tablecloth. Here at Flags Ireland, we manufacture and print the highest quality fully customised tablecloths. In this blog, we want to discuss the advantages of using a customised tablecloth at industry events.


Flags Ireland Tablecloths


Before we get into the advantages of customised tablecloths, let's first discuss what our tablecloths are manufactured from. Each one of our customised tablecloths is manufactured from heavy polyester material.
Polyester is one of the world's most popular fabrics. Polyester is used in everything from clothes to furniture upholstery.
Polyester is the shortened name for synthetic man-made polymer. That mouthful reveals that polyester is not a natural fabric but a manufactured material. In essence, polyester is a type of flexible plastic.
As it's manufactured, it has various advantages over natural fabrics like cotton. For example, polyester is much stronger than cotton and is fire-resistant. As mentioned, as it's a type of plastic, it is fully resistant and suitable for outdoor use.

Polyester we use for tablecloths is considered a heavy polyester; this means it feels great to the touch while also being strong, durable and highly robust.


Printing Techniques


Using the latest printing technology, Flags Ireland can print almost any image onto a polyester tablecloth. These images can include photographs, company logos or any text you deem appropriate. The printing system we use retains the vivid and vibrant colours of your logo a photograph ensuring the very best transfer of the image onto the cloth.


Advantages of Our Customised Tablecloths


Now that we have a better understanding of tablecloths and how they can be customised to your unique requirements, let's discuss their advantages.

First and foremost, customised tablecloths at an industry event are eye-catching. Most booths at a table are decorated with a simple black tablecloth. This is space that is wasted and could be used to advertise your product or business along with attracting potential customers.

So many convention centres have rules around the size of a display and how much advertising material a company can present. A great way around this is by using a fully customised tablecloth. You can take full advantage of the ample, potentially lucrative space a tablecloth offers.

We offer tablecloths and highly competitive prices. They're also made from durable and robust polyester that will last a long time and can be used at an endless number of events. The Hi-Tech printing technology ensures the colours remain vivid through multiple uses.

Above are just some of the advantages of tablecloths. Please visit our tablecloth web page or contact us directly to check the price.


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